My untold story

This is my story, my untold story.

Tape and stored deep in the memory bank of my mind.

Take my hand as we go through memory lane.

Play, fast forward, stop, rewind resume,


And there, High School!

A young boy sits in the corner of the table

Alone with a frowns and his friends Mike and Ayton

Joins, at that moment the frown turns to a smile


The boy put on his happy face for the world,

While on the inside is a feeling of death.

In crowed of people bored by friends

Looking for escape, to make an exit.


The boy has a loves for people

But not for teenage talk.

Canโ€™t seem to fit in the puzzle

He remains the last piece of the puzzle,



He was the tallest in class

Had a head shaped like a football (rugby ball) and

His voice sounded like a broken record

He was cut down by students

His head beheaded in public

And voice silenced


The boy went to his fortress of solitude

His thought was filled of tears of sadness

Each tear for each day spent alone.

Longing to be filled with sunshine on his face

But his reality was filled with rain everyday all day

One day the boy met a person named Jesus Christ

He swallowed up the ocean that had accumulated inside

Me like a cup of water.


Each rain drop contained…

Sadness, Fear and Loneliness.

He brought the sun, to a place that never seen a sunset

And He said he will never leave me,


On that day the boyโ€™s life changed

When Jesus met him in the storm

And brought the light into the dark,

This are my untold story



Kindness S

8 thoughts on “My untold story

  1. A touching story of how loving and kind God is. How He desires to change how we see ourselves. To see the truth and not the lies people tell us. I love this. I love this.

    Keep writing,
    a story teller.


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