poem · self-esteem

Black and white

You’re more than just a color.

Your either see either see black or white.

that what the world teaches us.

we were never created to be two

sides of a different coin,

but one. Heads & tales.


Bring two different colors

that where never thought to go together

make a perfect photograph,

a black & white photograph


live in a black & white Photograph

where the color of your skin does not

define who you.


unshackle your mind from the chain

society has handcuffed you too.

In our youth thought to hate & fear

different shades of skin.


Its a shame really when you think about it.

Black and white privileges should not exist

but it does.


Be more!

be the person you are deep underneath

the surface of your skin.


Be the real you.

We are no longer Apart…heid but united

we are one people under one nation and

one God. Mzansi Africa!


Kindness S                                                                                          Genesis 11:6; 1 Peter 2:9

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