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The man behind the screen


We meet people day to day or meet new people for the first time. I have met you and I often wonder, what is your first impression of me does my poems and short story say what kind of person I am and what are my dreams and aspiration. I hope it enough, but today is a new day, and I want to share with you a video I took of my 22nd year birthday this year May 7th. I gave a short speech of some of the things I hold dear to me, the hopes and dreams I have in this world. At the core that who I am, all summed up in a video.




next year, I plan of following my dream, start full time ministry and start traveling. Since I will be finished with my degree, the fear i have is finances. But I trust that God got that covered. so just got to go for it. Its going to be a long road but fun too. And also aspire to write a book, already written one looking to publishing it next year Jan. So that me warped in a shell.



guys look at my previous post. I got a deep love for Food!

If your like me you will enjoy it 😋

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