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Little one


Little one, the last of us four.

I was the first before you came.

Before her I was the one whom all adored.

I never knew you would change my life.


I thought I had the world.

Daddies and mammies little boy.

How handsome I was they would say.

Whatever I asked for I got.

From the delicious sweets to the toys I wanted.

My 10 year old self was the prince.

But little did I know there was a coop coming.


I lost my place,

No longer did I feel special

All the attention gone

All my lovely yummy goodies gone

I was now stuck forever.

Stuck in the middle as the middle child.


I thought I lost my world

But I gained the universe

Each time you smiled joy leaped from within

Your laugh melted my heart away

When you cried, made me sad

Your pain hurt me as much as they did you.


You’re are now 15

You have come of age little one

Each day that goes by transformation is taking place.

From the princess you are now to the queen you will be.

Melting all the more hearts along the way.

I’m glade you were born

Nothing could ever much your worth

Even if the sweets were yummy and the toys fun



my little sister Nkhensani asked of me to write a poem about her, I hope she likes it. I only have one sister she is the best sister and sometimes shes the most irritating sister when she hits my nerves

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