Just the Two of Us — Peinsejoager

Just the Two of Us “ Just the two of us,Imagining two butterfliesFlirting with the sunlight Just the two of us,Swinging away like lovers doAll through those romantic nights Just the two of us,Connecting into eternityHolding each other close Just the two of us,Embracing and snugglingTogether falling asleep Ø>

Just the Two of Us — Peinsejoager

Poem #341 — Luna

I guess my pain is like candy, when you like tasting it so much. At least something about me is sweet. But I stay thinking there’s something worth fighting for here. Maybe I just want to be worth that fight. I will stop asking, I will stop searching for your affection. Just to see if […]

Poem #341 — Luna
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The Call

The call is loud

The call is great

The call of a millions

The call of nations


Lost and afraid

Living aimlessly like sheep

No shepherd to be found.

Leaders to follow.


If you can hear the call?

It means that you were found

It means you have a shepherd

You have heard His voice.


You are now called to step up.

In all areas of life.

To share good tiding

To lead others into the light

Make disciples of every nation.





36 But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were [j]weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd. 37 Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. 38 Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

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Mom don’t cry

Your once radiant smile is fading away.

It captured a 1000 hearts with a single glance.

Your heart had no end.

It’s was as wide as the galaxy itself.


Today as I look at your you.

The heavens don’t seem to contain your glory.

The smile is gone

That heart that once captured many is closed.

The galaxy that was endless is but shrinking.


How unnatural is this sight to watch.

How a little more hopeless is the world without your smile.

How cold as have we become without your loving heart.


Pain is the negative energy that consumes you.

The black hole within your being that swallows you.

All I can do to aid you recover is pray “our Father”

And share all the love I can give to you.

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Fire fly

Fire fly you burn so bright at night
And you burn even brighter at my darkest night.
You’re so tiny and look so insignificant
Yet when you fly you are as beautiful as the moon and the stars.

My fire fly,
You flew were you were not wanted
You saw what you were not suppose to see.
Yet after seeing the darkest parts of me,
You stay and continue to choose to stay.

You became my morning star.
You will always be my little fire fly.
The one whom stole my heart away with a small but radiant light.

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Little one


Little one, the last of us four.

I was the first before you came.

Before her I was the one whom all adored.

I never knew you would change my life.


I thought I had the world.

Daddies and mammies little boy.

How handsome I was they would say.

Whatever I asked for I got.

From the delicious sweets to the toys I wanted.

My 10 year old self was the prince.

But little did I know there was a coop coming.


I lost my place,

No longer did I feel special

All the attention gone

All my lovely yummy goodies gone

I was now stuck forever.

Stuck in the middle as the middle child.


I thought I lost my world

But I gained the universe

Each time you smiled joy leaped from within

Your laugh melted my heart away

When you cried, made me sad

Your pain hurt me as much as they did you.


You’re are now 15

You have come of age little one

Each day that goes by transformation is taking place.

From the princess you are now to the queen you will be.

Melting all the more hearts along the way.

I’m glade you were born

Nothing could ever much your worth

Even if the sweets were yummy and the toys fun



my little sister Nkhensani asked of me to write a poem about her, I hope she likes it. I only have one sister she is the best sister and sometimes shes the most irritating sister when she hits my nerves

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Blood Boils


My blood boil and my heart aches

I feel alone yet surrounded by many

A part of my fractured heart has given up on help coming.

I’ve become acquainted with showing friends and family a smile.


Yet my blood is boiling and keeps on boiling. I don’t know why maybe this is who I am. That the lie I tell myself.

I search this life for answers to cool down the hot magma that rises in me.


I’m afraid that one day, that lava will spill to those who live in the valley below. They praise me for the mountain that I am, for the soil and nutrients that I bring to their life’s and are blind to the dangers that I bring.


I am angry and don’t know why at times.

Maybe it’s the family dysfunction that causes the magma to swell up or the disappointment that tore my heart in times past.


Yes, the ocean is my hope.

You bring the wind to cool me down when I’m about to erupt. Your wind comforts my soul. Your water seeps into my entire being and restores me to a dormant state.


I yearn for the days when your high tide comes to my mountain shores. You bring the promise of hope and salvation, the village could not save me for they do not see nor know what lurks under the mountain.


The ocean is coming and the day has been set. For you promised to come to save me from all that I feel. Ocean you are vaster and greater than a single mountain you cover the earth and bring balance to what exists.


Lord my ocean I wait for you to save me.

From the pain l, the loneliness, and especially from my self. Teach me oh ocean to love myself. Like the peace exists in you the depth and with of love that you possess. Consume me for I desire to be one with you.





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Lord to see more of you and know you

Is my heart greatest dream.

You are the one think I thirst for.

The bread that I grieve above all bread.

I thirst for being one with you.

To know you as I know my being.


May it be known that I no longer three but four parts in you.

I have a body, a soul and a spirit

& now I have your Holy Spirit whom is God.


Abide in me and I will abide you.

Ever draw near to me and I will to you.

You neither forsake nor leave me.

You are ever present God.