You are more than what meets the eye. You are as precious as a white rose, each morning you arise with the fearlessness of an lioness, You’re the Queen of your own dreams and you alone hold the compass of your own life.


Each step you take in the dunes of the Savannah, you run with grace and vigor like a lioness, though you are a lioness your heart is that of valuable gold, which out of it flows sweet honey that drips out of the cup of your heart and those who have tested from it, can’t get enough of you, for that honey is made out of most precious ingredients in the world, which is LOVE, KINDNESS, RESPECT and Plenty of Smiles 🙂 :-).


O mosadi wa monnete you always keep real, you keep it a 100 % real 24/7 three hundred and sixty five days, you’ve been better than a friend than I ever thought I deserved, no wonder why they call it best “best friend” cause that what you have been to me.


Kindness S


To my best friend MJ Nkgau