The walking dead

I use to be a friend of death and I did not know it

But no more, we have come to an end

I lived in a world of the walking dead

We could say that I was alive in the flesh

But on the inside I my soul was dead.



We’ve all been there at some stage of our lives.

Life as the walking dead was not bad.

Me and my zombie friends

Lived life without a care in the world

We did what others did because it was labelled Dope

By the rest of the world.



With no beating heart I did not know how to love without strings attached

Know how to forgive without forgetting

Give without expecting something in return

Enjoy life without regrets.



My eyes where closed

And I spend my life in a graveyard Alone

Dearth owned me, but no more.

Little did I know my I was bought at a price



It was brought to my attention by the living

That there is a perfect stranger who could do what no man could do

One who could save, One who could bring the dead back to life

He is the cure for all us Zombies.


This Strangers name was Jesus Christ

He found me and looked at my dead corpse

He said “I have loved you and drawn you with everlasting love,

I loved you while were still in your mother’s womb and to prove my love for you

I took death to the cross with me and died, so you can live

All you need is ask.


I looked at him with my zombie eyes and asked “make me alive”

This stranger took me by my hand and said “I immense you in mercy and incredible love

And make you new”   [ bang!!!]


When I woke up I was no longer dead but alive

No longer hollow but full

My still heart found its beat once again.

I was moved from death to life.


Kindness S