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Spoken Word

When I think of words,

I think of You.

When I thing of poetry,

I hear your voice thumbing

Behind my heard.


I look at the words

That you first spoke

That changed everything.

God said “Let there be…”


Beautiful words spoken

Poetry at its best.

Your heart’s desire spoken

To life.


You birthed words into life.

And that what you said.

Went out into the world and it was.

You gave words power.


You became one with Words.

“In the beginning was the

Word and the Word was with God

And the Word was God”.

And Beautiful poetry you became.


Beautiful words spoken.

When you speak.

Words that cut the deepest

Part of my heart and soul.

Cause me to shake in my Bones.


When God speaks.

Beautiful poetry.

Beautiful words.

Spoken word



Spirit of revival

Come says the Lord, come and see that I am good.Come and taste from my goodness for I am the everlasting God, in Me there are streams of life, and all those who thirst for my word I will fill. I will revive your dry bones and make them as strong as an ox. This living water will cause you to run and not faint, it is new every day  and It’s abundant in my love. Soak yourself with my life. Abide in Me and I will abide in you, for you are the tree that grows besides the stream of living waters. You are made strong, unbreakable, never moving if you abide in me. Dig your roots deep in core of who I am for I am the source of life.


Kindness  S                                                                                                Isaiah 40/Matthew 11:29